We made it possible: no default variation selected on Shopify

We made it possible: no default variation selected on Shopify

A widely known issue with Shopify has been that when your product has multiple variants, the first available variant is always selected by default. There has been some solutions for stores using dropdown menu's, but not much for stores using colour swatches as the variant selections.

We've just made a technical solution to remove the default first variant selection on Shopify. We made this configuration for Turbo theme by Out of the Sandbox, but it is doable for other Shopify themes too.

Are you able to remove the default variant selection on Shopify?

Our friends at the other danish guy™ challenged us to make this possible. As many of you high volume merchants know, it is a real problem: many customers skip the variant selection and order the default one selected for them (the first variant). This causes returns, disappointed customers and more demand in customer service.

Here's the result explained in pictures:

To make this feature possible, it requires advanced technical know-how and customization of several different theme files. These configurations also might cause problems when updating your theme. Remember to always have a backup of your theme.

"Kudos tuo Approosters for their ability to listen and understand our challenge in this matter, not only from a technical point of view, but also commercially, e.g. how this 'small detail' reflected to amount of our customer support contacts, unnecessary returns, thus eventually customer happiness and our bottom line.

Prior talks with Approosters, various experts told us that this is a known issue, and should there been a good and reliable fix, it would have been done a long time ago. We are happy to say that now it is done - properly, within the promised schedule & budget. We are also 100% confident that it pays for itself in just few months."

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