Connect shipping carriers to Shopify using Packrooster Shipping

Connect shipping carriers to Shopify using Packrooster Shipping

Available shipping carriers to integrate with Shopify

With Packrooster Shipping, you can connect the shipping carriers listed below to Shopify. The connections allows you to automatically generate shipping labels and shipments directly in Shopify, without the need to use the carriers own platform to create the shipments. To connect the carriers, you'll need the API credentials from the carrier.

Carriers included with the Standard Plan:

  • Posti (Smartship, Unifaun)
  • Matkahuolto (direct integration)
  • DB Schenker (direct integration)
  • Shipit (direct ingegration) *
  • Fiuge (direct integration)

More carriers included with Global Plan:

  • GLS Finland (direct integration)
  • DHL Express (direct integration to MyDHL API)
  • Deutsche Post (direct integration)
  • PostNord (direct integration)
  • Budbee (direct integration)
  • Unifaun **

Direct integration means that the integration talks directly with the carrier and not through a third-party TMS (Transportation Management System).

* With Shipit integration, you can use all the shipping methods offered by Shipit with the Standard Plan of Packrooster Shipping.

** Unifaun integration means that Packrooster has a direct integration with Unifaun, and we can easily open new shipping methods through Unifaun for our customers when needed.

How to connect the carriers

Once you have the credentials from the shipping carriers you use, you can enter those in Packrooster Shipping:

Asetukset -> Palveluntarjoajien asetukset

From there, you can enter the credentials and also activate the pickup points if the carrier supports those. For pickup points and custom shipping methods created in Packrooster, you'll need a third party carrier calculated shipping -feature for your Shopify store. This feature is included in the Advanced Shopify and Shopify Plus plans, and can be added to any plan for a monthly fee. However, if you're on the Shopify plan or below, and you switch from monthly to yearly billing, you can ask to get the third-party calculated shipping rates feature added for free.

If you use Packrooster Shipping to just connect your Shopify shipping methods to the carrier services, you don't need the third-party carrier calculated shipping methods feature from Shopify.

Shipit users, please note!

Shipit offers shipment services from some of the same carriers that Packrooster Shipping also has a direct integration with. Please note that if you use Shipit, always enter your Shipit credentials to Shipit settings, not the carriers' settings. Also, if you connect your Shopify shipping methods to carriers through Shipit, choose "Shipit" as your carrier, and select the carrier and service underneath it.

Need help?

As always, we're here to help you configure your shipping settings and offer free guidance to optimise your Shopify shipping and order processing. Feel free to contact us any time.