How to setup general settings to Packrooster Shipping

How to setup general settings to Packrooster Shipping

General settings in Packrooster Shipping are important to set up before you start using the App. Many information are mandatory for different shipping carrier services, and they need to be set up if you don't want to end up having error messages when trying to fulfill and print shipping labels to your orders. Here's a small guide to each part of the general settings.

The general settings can be configured from Packrooster Shipping:

Asetukset -> Yleiset asetukset

Without further a do, here's a guide for each part of the general settings:

Pakkaa kaikki tilausrivin tuotteet kerralla

If you manually mark products as packed when creating shipments and you have multiple same items in an order, you can check this if you want mark all of those multiple items as "packed" with one single click.

Tilauksen automaattinen fulfillaus

When using the search of Packrooster Shipping, you can set the App to automatically fulfill the whole order with this.

Tilauksen automaattinen tulostus

When using the search of Packrooster Shipping, you can set the App to automatically print the shipping label for the order.

Tullausasiakirjojen automaattinen tulostus

If the shipment requires customs declaration documents, you can choose to automatically print them together with the shipping label.

Älä tulosta aikaisemmin fulfillattua tilausta automaattisesti

If you use the search of Packrooster Shipping, you can set it to NOT print already fulfilled order again (to avoid errors where you accidentally ship the same order again).

Lisää uusille tilauksille toimitustavan tagit

This one adds the shipping method tags to your Shopify orders automatically, if set.


These are the sender informations. It's good to fill in everything, as some parts of this section are needed for some carrier services (like VAT code if shipping with customs declarations etc.)


Here you can set the App to automatically send the Shopify shipping confirmation email to the customer when the order is fulfilled with Packrooster Shipping. That email will also include the tracking number for the shipment.

You can also set the App to emphasize a note that the customer has given to you (in your online store's cart page) when creating the order, to avoid missing that note when processing the order.

Korostetut asiakastagit means that if you use Customer tags in your Shopify store, like VIP or blacklist, you can emphasize those tags when processing the orders with Packrooster Shipping. Emphasizing these tags could be useful for shops adding something extra to the shipments for VIP customers, or avoid processing orders of blacklisted customers.


If you wish to add customer return labels to the orders, you can select a service for those labels. Adding return labels to the orders can be helpful for some stores, but it might increase customer returns.


This is important to fill in, as many carrier services requires this information. It is the information of what the shipment contains. Each carrier has its' own setting for this under the carrier settings, but you can set a general setting for this from here, so that you don't need to set it again for each carrier. 

Pakkauksen paino is the weight of the packaging material that you use. It adds in the total weight of the order. We strongly suggest to add a small weight here (like 10 grams), as if you don't use the product weight in Shopify, you might end up with zero weight shipment if you haven't set this up. Zero weight orders might not be supported by some carrier services, and you might end up with an error message when processing the order.

Need help?

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