Shopify, Packrooster Shipping & Optimized order processing

Shopify, Packrooster Shipping & Optimized order processing

Packrooster Shipping allows you to set up  optimized order processing method with your Shopify store

By activating automatic order fulfilling and automatic order printing from general settings in Packrooster Shipping, the order gets fulfilled and printed out by reading the barcode of the order number in the order print. This way you can process orders with Packrooster Shipping fast and efficiently with just one barcode scan!

Merchants can optimize their Shopify stores packaging point with the help of this technology. For this, we have provided a list of equipment that is required for the optimization.

  • A computer, preferrably a laptop with a Windows 7, 8 or 10 operational system
  • Google Chrome
  • A barcode scanner
  • A printer for shipping labels
  • Packrooster Shipping
  • Order prints with order number in barcode form (We're glad to help you with this if needed!)

Optimized order processing

  1. The products of the orders are gathered to the packaging area of you Shopify store warehouse.
  2. When the products are being packaged, the barcode of order number is read from the order print.
  3. The system automatically fulfills the order, prints out the shipping label and sends a shipping confirmation message to the customer.

Instructions for optimized order processing

Set up a computer to your packaging point and connect a printer and a barcode scanner to it. Adjust the computers power settings so that the computer never goes to power saving mode. Test that the printer and the barcode scanner are working.

Open up Google Chrome and adjust the printing options so that the printing size matches your shipping label, this can be done by doing a test print of the label and adjusting accordingly.

Create a new shortcut of Google Chrome and right click the shortcut. Select Properties → Shortcut. Here is found a field called Object which says ””. To this line, add to the end of it: --kiosk-printing So it says ”” --kiosk-printing. You can also add the url from your e-stores Packrooster order search page if you want to automatically navigate there when clicking the shortcut image; there should be ”” --kiosk-printing ”” in Object property.

With this configuration Chrome forces the print dialogue to automatically print out without the option to change the settings; be sure to configurate the printing options before configurating the Google Chrome shortcut. If you need to readjust the settings, just remove --kiosk-printing from Properties.

Here is provided a checklist to be sure you have everything done when optimizing your packaging area Check that all the necessary equipment is ready at the packaging area of your e-stores warehouse:

    • A computer, a barcode scanner & a printer
    • Check that you have Packrooster Shipping and Google Chrome installed (Chrome configurated with the right printing settings)
    • Check that automatic order fulfilling and automatic order printing is set on from Packrooster general settings

All good to go! Now an order gets fulfilled and shipping label gets printed out once you read the barcode of your order print to the Packrooster Shipping Order search.

Packrooster Shipping is a Shopify App created by Approosters, used for integrating shipping methods and order processing of multiple shipping carriers directly to your Shopify store. Our customer service is here to help with all things regarding our application at!