Updating order information in Packrooster Shipping

Updating order information in Packrooster Shipping

You might have encountered a situation where you have had to change some information in a specific Shopify order before fulfilling the order. This might have been changed shipping address, removed or changed line items or something else!

Packrooster Shipping might encounter problems in the fulfillment if you have already opened the order in Packrooster Shipping. The app can, for example, try to do the fulfillment using the old information from the order.

In most cases this can be resolved by updating the order information or deleting all information from the order that Packrooster Shipping has saved within itself by pressing the correct selection in the upper right corner of the interface.


Refresh or delete order

Usually the refresh button is enough for Packrooster to get to the right rails, but sometimes you need to press the trashcan icon to reload the correct information to Packrooster. Please note that you must open the order again in Packrooster after you have pressed the trashcan icon!

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