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Using different shipping methods in the same order in Packrooster Shipping

Using different shipping methods in the same order in Packrooster Shipping

When fulfilling your Shopify orders with Packrooster Shipping, you can use the shipping method that is selected by the customer and this is the default state when you open up the order with Packrooster Shipping. Sometimes, you have to change the shipping method before fulfillment or the order contains products that cannot be shipped by using only the shipping method selected by the customer, or the customer contacts you and wishes for different shipping method to be used. Fear not, because this is not a problem in Packrooster Shipping!

By clicking the edit button next to the shipping carrier, you can change the carrier and the shipping method.

If you are using a pick-up point shipping method, you can also change the pick-up point. Just type in address and postal code and you can find the pick-up point you want.

Using multiple shipping methods in the same order

Sometimes you might want to use multiple different shipping methods within the same order. This also is possible with Packrooster Shipping.

Set a shipping method you want to use and only mark as packed the products you want to fulfill with this shipping method. After you have packed the products, click ”Send packed products”. Now only the products selected get fulfilled and the rest of the products remain unfulfilled!

Now you can change the shipping carrier and/or shipping method, pack rest of the products and fulfill the order with the changed shipping method.

Packrooster Shipping, multiple shipping methods

Packrooster Shipping is a Shopify App developed by Approosters. With Packrooster Shipping you can connect different shipping carriers and shipping methods to your Shopify store. Our friendly customer service is here to help you with everything regarding our applications at