How to sort your Shopify orders using Printrooster

How to sort your Shopify orders using Printrooster

Sorting your Shopify orders automatically has never been easier. You can use Printrooster Order Printing to sort your orders behind customizable printing buttons, for example like this:

You can adjust the settings, layout and filters of each buttons, to have just the right orders to go under each button. You can use every detail within the order data to rule the order inside each button. You can use customer data, shipping data or product data to create the filters. You can also select which order template to use with what button. You can set the buttons to only have the unprinted orders inside. After you print them out, they disappear from the button. You can keep track on what you have printed from the front page of the App, so you can also re-print the orders if needed. You can also add a custom picking list to be printed along with the printed orders.

You can set the button to sort the orders for you, for example by product quantities, SKU's and much more. This might be helpful for you when you pick the orders from your warehouse, so that you can minimise the steps walked around the warehouse.

Need help?

As always, we're here to help you configure your Printrooster Order Printing settings and offer free guidance to optimise your Shopify order processing. Feel free to contact us any time.