Printrooster Order Printing and Shopify - The Benefits

Printrooster Order Printing and Shopify - The Benefits

Optimized order printing with Printrooster Order Printing

When you are processing orders in Shopify, many times the process goes so that you open up the Orders -section in Shopify and print the packing slips. The state of the orders doesn't change when doing so, so if a new order arrives at an unfortunate moment during the order processing, you might print out some order twice and cause of it send the order to the customer twice.

Printrooster Order Printing is the solution to this problem; Printed orders travel to their own section away from open orders so they never get printed twice. This way, if during the order processing a new order arrives, you can print out just that one order to the same batch without any errors in the order processing.

Printrooster batch 1

Printrooster buttons 2

Filter Shopify orders the way you want

In Printrooster, you can also create printing buttons for filtering orders with the parameters you want and also to print them. The parameters include but are not limited to, for example: shipping method in order data, order tags, product tags or customer tags.

Printrooster filters

Customized templates for Shopify orders

Printrooster Order Printing comes with a default version of the order template in Printrooster, which can be edited with on/off -buttons.

Printrooster default template

There is also an Advanced version of the template which gives you access to edit the source code of the template. To edit the advanced template you're going to need a bit of coding skills in HTML, CSS & Liquid, also the team here at Approosters is glad to help you with your wishes regarding the order templates!

Printrooster Advanced Template 1

Printrooster Advanced Template 2

Customized picking lists for Shopify orders

With Printrooster you can also print out a picking list with the orders which helps you gather the products to the packaging area of your Shopify stores warehouse. The picking list is also editable the way you want.

Printrooster Picking List

Printrooster Order Printing is a Shopify App created by Approosters, used for order printing and filtering. The app can be used to generate customized order templates and picking lists. Our customer service is here to help with all things regarding our application at!