Automatic Shipping Label Printing in Shopify

Automatic Shipping Label Printing in Shopify

In our own and many of our customers' online stores, we have implemented an efficient and automated order dispatch process that works like this:

  1. The products in the order are collected to the packing station
  2. At the same time as the order is packed, the barcode from the order receipt is entered into a barcode reader at the packing station.
  3. The printer automatically prints the shipping label, fulfills the order and sends the customer a shipment confirmation message with tracking code by email. All this is automated with a single barcode scan.

What do you need?

  • The Packrooster Shopify App, you can install it in your shop here
  • Barcode reader (we recommend: Datalogic)
  • A computer with a packing station (an older laptop will do, as long as it runs Windows 7, 8 or 10)
  • Printer (We recommend: Zebra)
  • Google Chrome browser
  • Order number in barcode format for order receipts (if you need help, please contact us!)

Instructions for setup

Install the compression point computer somewhere where it won't take up unnecessary space. Adjust the computer's power-saving settings so that the computer never goes to sleep. Connect the printer and barcode reader to the computer (install drivers if necessary). Test that both the barcode reader and the printer work.

Install the Google Chrome browser on your computer and set Chrome's print settings to match the size of your shipping labels (test the print order address label and adjust the settings). Create a new Chrome shortcut on your desktop. Right-click on the shortcut -> Properties. Select the "Shortcut" tab. There you will find the "Target" section with "". Add the following at the end of that line:


Where the result should be:" --kiosk-printing

You can also, add a direct address to Packrooster's subscription processor at the end of that line, so that when the shortcut is launched, Chrome will open the Packrooster subscription processor page directly. This works by adding the following line to the end of the item instead of the one you just added:

--kiosk-printing "" (copy the link from the browser address bar by going to Packrooster)

This will force Chrome - when launched from that shortcut - to print the print windows automatically without any ability to change the print settings. So configure your print settings in Chrome before you do this (or alternatively afterwards, by starting Chrome from another icon than the one with kiosk printing turned on).

Packrooster settings

From the general Packrooster settings, turn on the following:

-Automatic fulfillment

-Automatic printing

All good to go! If you need further assistance in setting up efficient order processing, please contact us!