Approosters is a team of long term merchants and ecommerce developers. By combining our experience and thrive for new innovations, we can offer the best possible service for Shopify merchants around the world.

Samuli Hellman

CEO, Founder

Samuli has over 10 years of experience in ecommerce both as a merchant and as a developer.
+358 50 494 7015 

Marko Behm

CTO, Founder

Marko is a coding wizard. He has enormous amount of different projects under his belt, such as creating a whole SaaS ecommerce platform from scratch! Well, Shopify got bigger...
+358 45 279 1112 

Mika Kaarakainen

CFO, Founder

As a long term merchant and ecommerce giant, Mika brings our team both vision and common sense.


Tuuli Hellman

Ecommerce Specialist 

+358 50 566 8372

Niina Kaarakainen

Ecommerce Specialist