How to hold fulfillment for new Shopify orders

How to hold fulfillment for new Shopify orders

As a merchant, you might have wondered if there is a way to delay the fulfillment of new orders. This might be the case if your logistics happen somewhere else by your 3PL company. Many times the customer reaches out to you right after they have placed an order and ask for some changes to be made to it, for example they could want some products to be removed from the order or some products to be changed to another before the shipment.

If the order processing happens before the order is updated or before this information reaches the order processor the shipping is sent out with wrong content.

If this is the case, you can delay the fulfillment of the order with Shopify Flow. Shopify Flow is available for Shopify, Advanced and Shopify Plus merchants. By creating the following workflow you can decide the time that Shopify keeps the state of the order as Hold fulfillment. After the set time has passed, the order is automatically released for fulfillment.

The workflow

  • Start the workflow when Order is created
  • Then: Hold fulfillment order
  • Then: Wait for (set the time here)
  • Then: Release fulfillment holds

With this workflow the customer has some time to contact you and ask for changes to be made to the order before any order processing and fulfillments are made. This can be extremely beneficial during campaigns when customers shop in a fast pace and are more likely to order wrong items!

When you are processing orders with Packrooster Shipping, the app will notice that the order is set on hold, preventing you from fulfilling the order.


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