Why Optimized Order Processing is Important

Optimized Order Processing

When it comes to maintaining an online store, one of the last things that usually comes to mind is the efficiency of order processing and dispatch. Products come first, of course, then perhaps store content, layout, marketing... The list could go on and on. Many times we wake up too late to the fact that a large part of a retailer's or e-commerce staff's time is spent processing orders. For many people, it is perfectly normal that several minutes can be spent processing a single order. That's what we want to change. By processing orders quickly, you can spend more time on what matters most: making sales.

Fast order processing and dispatch is customer service

When customers receive their orders quickly, it's good customer service, which increases the reliability of your online store and, ideally, gives you a head start over your competitors.

Fast order processing saves working time

As Benjamin Franklin once wrote: time is money. With optimised order processing, you save time that can be spent on things like sales.

Fast order processing gives you flexibility

When order processing is fast, it helps to provide flexibility in special situations. These can include the following situations:

  • Suddenly a lot of orders arrive in the afternoon and you would like to get them moving immediately.
  • Big product launches/drops or promotions that increase order volumes
  • Special arrangements by the logistics company, e.g. pick-up time
  • Logistics company strike and sending orders via another company

Optimised order processing to reduce errors

The machine does not make mistakes. When technology and automation are properly harnessed, it reduces human error. Fewer complaints and returns, more satisfied customers.

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