Packrooster Shipping Changelog

Packrooster Shipping - Versiohistoria (Changelog)

Version 1.4.0  (18.12.2019)

- DB Schenker integration released
- Shipping labels for customer returns can be created with Posti
- Return label created only when necessary, not on every fulfill if previous return label exists
- Local order data makes it possible to view and update orders older than Shopify's 60-day limitation
- Fetching Order data not failing anymore if Shopify order can not be fetched but local data exists. This happened when requesting orders older than 2 months.
- Open and processed orders today statistics visible in application header bar for full plans
- Show information if no open orders are waiting to be processed 
- Matkahuolto parcel tracking URL updated to the new specification
- Alert message is shown if selected shipping provider is in demo mode
- Unprocessed orders list is now faster (using only local entities)
- Order search form uses local order data only
- Image for local variant stored and fetched from Shopify
- Checking if shipping providers return pickup locations when needed. If no data is returned due to network timeouts or other failures a message is shown to app user
- In full plan the variant ID can be used as a search criteria when using the line-item processing mode
- In full plan the variant ID set as a default search criteria on app install
- Frontend line-item search form validation for line-item processing mode
- Hiding show open orders button at home page if no orders were found
- Show line-items after deleting shipment that doesn't have shipping items in it
- Order Refunds support added - refunded line items removed from the order data
- Unfulfilled orders fetched from Shopify if no local orders exists
- Better support for orders fulfilled elsewhere
- Shipping provider entities know if they support multiparcel sending
- Order refresh button fetches always data from Shopify
- Setting closest pickup point for orders that use a shipping provider that offers pickup points, but don't have a pickup point selected by customer
- DHL integration in progress

Version 1.3.5  (25.10.2019)
- Webhook auth validator compliant with Shopify GDPR tests
- Better logging for webhooks
- App published to Shopify App Store

Version 1.3.3  (10.10.2019)
- Fixed saving non existing Variant entity (bugfix)
- support email address added onto support page (feature)
- Order weight is calculated from lineitems instead of using order:total_weight which was left empty in some cases (internal, bugfix)
- Order weight calculation fixed at checkout pages. Quantity was not included. (bugfix)

Version 1.3.1  (7.10.2019)
- Variant is fetched from Shopify if local entity is missing
- Cross domain access for shipments API added
- App version number visible again at Support page
- Privacy policy link in dropdown menu
- Minor UI fixes at Billing Settings page
- Code cleanup

Version 1.3.0  (3.10.2019)
- Improved search results for Matkahuolto pickup locations
- GDPR compliance
- Getting Started page is shown after app install
- Orders list on frontpage shows Shopify Order entities instead of local entities to make the list build up faster
- Settings menu converted to dropdown
- Support and getting started pages added
- Private locker type pickup locations returned if postalcode ends with '4'
- Change pickup location form allows admin to set the amount of results he wishes to fetch from shipping providers (feature)
- Better notification messages for failed fulfillments
- Posti PDF printing sizes can be selected from dropdown list
- Preparing App for pickuppoints outside of Finland
- Posti Parcel Connect shipping product added
- Minor bugfixes
- Internal performance fixes

Version 1.2.2  (12.9.2019)
- Performance optimization for speed
- Better UI for Matkahuolto Bussibaketti settings
- Performance boost for fulfilling shipments
- Order entity not loaded from Shopify after fulfillment but fulfill data is injected into local Shopify data as it would be when fetched from Shopify
- Shipping entity is removed after last shipping item is removed from it
- Minor fixes (CSS, UI)
- Minor internal optimization and fixes

Version 1.2.1 (5.9.2019)
- Responsive fixes to be able to use the app on vertical displays
- Flash messages should not be repeating anymore
- Added "Bussiennakko" shipping method for Matkahuolto
- All setting values are fetched with get function instead of magic get which produced a lot of database queries
- Lineitem caches shipping item data temporarily for preventing database queries
- Unnecessary database queries removed
- Shipment PDF (if separated in multiple shipments) contains the weight of the shipment, not the weight of the whole order
- Shipping items are created and refreshed automatically at order page if order is fulfilled somewhere else (at Shopify or other fulfillment app)
- Shipping products can be set to non-public. In this case shipping products can not be mapped to shopify shipping methods, but they can be explicitly set onto order
- Responsive styles fixed
- Automatic printing prints only the shipments that are not printed yet
- Minor fixes
- Internal optimizations