Packrooster Shipping Changelog

Version 2.4.2 -> 3.2.0 (8.3.2023)

Version 2.4.2. (19.5.2022)


Version 2.3.3 -> 2.3.5 (1.3.2022)


Version 2.0.0 -> 2.3.3 (31.1.2022)


 Version 2.0.0 (17.9.2021)

Visible changes:

Internal changes:

Version 1.25.0 (8.6.2021)

Version 1.23.2 (14.4.2021)

Version 1.21.0 (18.3.2021)

Version 1.20.0 (25.2.2021)

Version 1.19.0 (15.2.2021)
  • GLS integration added
  • Shipit integration added
  • Shipping methods can be priced based on weight levels (feature)
  • Menu rebuilt
  • Timeout increased for Deutche Post integration from 10 to 40 seconds
Version 1.18.0 (29.1.2021)

Version 1.16.0 (17.12.2020)

Version 1.10.0 (28.10.2020)

Version 1.7.6 (15.6.2020)

Version 1.7.2 (20.5.2020)

Version 1.6.1 (20.3.2020)

Version 1.5.0 (17.1.2020)

Version 1.4.0  (18.12.2019)

Version 1.3.5  (25.10.2019)
- Webhook auth validator compliant with Shopify GDPR tests
- Better logging for webhooks
- App published to Shopify App Store

Version 1.3.3  (10.10.2019)
- Fixed saving non existing Variant entity (bugfix)
- support email address added onto support page (feature)
- Order weight is calculated from lineitems instead of using order:total_weight which was left empty in some cases (internal, bugfix)
- Order weight calculation fixed at checkout pages. Quantity was not included. (bugfix)

Version 1.3.1  (7.10.2019)
- Variant is fetched from Shopify if local entity is missing
- Cross domain access for shipments API added
- App version number visible again at Support page
- Privacy policy link in dropdown menu
- Minor UI fixes at Billing Settings page
- Code cleanup

Version 1.3.0  (3.10.2019)
- Improved search results for Matkahuolto pickup locations
- GDPR compliance
- Getting Started page is shown after app install
- Orders list on frontpage shows Shopify Order entities instead of local entities to make the list build up faster
- Settings menu converted to dropdown
- Support and getting started pages added
- Private locker type pickup locations returned if postalcode ends with '4'
- Change pickup location form allows admin to set the amount of results he wishes to fetch from shipping providers (feature)
- Better notification messages for failed fulfillments
- Posti PDF printing sizes can be selected from dropdown list
- Preparing App for pickuppoints outside of Finland
- Posti Parcel Connect shipping product added
- Minor bugfixes
- Internal performance fixes

Version 1.2.2  (12.9.2019)
- Performance optimization for speed
- Better UI for Matkahuolto Bussibaketti settings
- Performance boost for fulfilling shipments
- Order entity not loaded from Shopify after fulfillment but fulfill data is injected into local Shopify data as it would be when fetched from Shopify
- Shipping entity is removed after last shipping item is removed from it
- Minor fixes (CSS, UI)
- Minor internal optimization and fixes

Version 1.2.1 (5.9.2019)
- Responsive fixes to be able to use the app on vertical displays
- Flash messages should not be repeating anymore
- Added "Bussiennakko" shipping method for Matkahuolto
- All setting values are fetched with get function instead of magic get which produced a lot of database queries
- Lineitem caches shipping item data temporarily for preventing database queries
- Unnecessary database queries removed
- Shipment PDF (if separated in multiple shipments) contains the weight of the shipment, not the weight of the whole order
- Shipping items are created and refreshed automatically at order page if order is fulfilled somewhere else (at Shopify or other fulfillment app)
- Shipping products can be set to non-public. In this case shipping products can not be mapped to shopify shipping methods, but they can be explicitly set onto order
- Responsive styles fixed
- Automatic printing prints only the shipments that are not printed yet
- Minor fixes
- Internal optimizations