Printrooster has been designed together with many high rolling merchants who process hundreds or thousands of orders every day. Every functionality in this App has been carefully made to serve purposes of different kind of Shopify merchants. Even if you think you're order processing is very complex, once Printrooster is fully setup for your needs - you start saving a lot of time, nerves and money. Try it for free and you'll know!

Printrooster Order Printing costs only $29 / month. There are no additional fees. We also offer a 14-day free trial and free help from our experts to set up the App for your Shopify store.


Yes, of course. We offer a free 14-day trial for the App.

Printrooster Order Printing is an official Shopify App - tested and approved by Shopify. You can Install the App directly from Shopify App Store.

There are two ways to edit order templates in Printrooster:

1) An easy-to-use editor, where you can add your logo, choose which order details to display and edit CSS.

2) Change the template theme to "Advanced" and you unlock a fully customizable Liquid/HTML/CSS editor. Magic can be done with advanced theme, but it requires a bit coding knowledge. We offer free help for that if needed.

You can use the ready made picking list template, or you can edit the template yourself. The picking list template editor is a fully customizable Liquid/HTML/CSS editor. We offer free help to edit the picking list the way you want.

Printing buttons are the buttons that you use to print out sorted and filtered Shopify orders. For example, you can have one button for shipping method A orders, and one button for shipping method B orders. Or you can have one button for VIP orders, and one for others. And much, much more.

You can create and edit printing buttons from "Buttons" page of the App. Set up the button order filters so that the orders that you want goes under that particular button.


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We've all been there, but no problem! Each printing batch are displayed at the bottom of the front page of the App, where you can re-print the previous printing batches.